DAR established in 1999 and converted public liability company names as DAR E-COM PVT LTD on year of 2010.We started our business with Electrical &Telecommunication System Integrator with services in Sri Lanka and we are the one of the leading system Integrator here in Sri Lanka.Webuild very good relationship with the customerover the last 18 years span as well as the overseas counties like Maldives etc…
Company having diversified solutions of test & measurement equipment products and solutions, Analytical instruments and calibration equipment apart from the core businessand company proud to be created job opportunities of nearly 100 of highly motivated professionals including the back office staff

System Integration & Services

In Telecommunication sector we provide our service with all the venders in Sri Lanka and to the all the mobile and fix line operators.

We offer following telecommunication solution services……
• Install, Commission and test all 2G, 3G, & 4G Networks.
• Supply of Test and Measurement equipment

Products & Solution

We expanding companyscope, targeting to products and solutions provide in sector of Analytical instruments, Test and measurement instruments(Telecom, Electrical & electronic) and system calibration instrument towards achieve common goal of the company for more business opportunities in Private , government non-government, Government sector etc… by providing innovative technological products and solutions and we strive to never sell technology with product without tangible benefit to our customers

Our Partners